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Easy New Muscle Stretches & Exercises Page: With How To Stretch Guidelines.

Stretching Exercises:
Piriformis Muscle, Sitting, Traditional Supine. A Strategic Deep Hip/Buttocks Muscle, in That It Lies Next To The Sciatic Nerve. Piriformis Muscle / Sciatic Nerve Relationship Graphic.
Piriformis Muscle, Standing Stretch
Neck (Cervical Spine). A 2 minute Vacation from Your Computer.
Chest - Pectorals Muscle Stretching
Rhomboid Muscle - A Hard to get Area Between the Shoulder Blades (Scapula).
Arm - Forearm - Forearm Extensor Muscles
Lower Trapezus Muscles Stretch for Below the Shoulder-Blade/Scapula.
Triceps - Latisimus Dorsi Muscle Stretching Effecting the Posterior Arm & Inferior Shoulder Joint
Self Traction: Low Back - Lumbar Spine Careful With this One, It Is Ten Times More Powerful than it Looks.
IT Band Ilio-TibiaI Band, (the Lateral Thigh).T.F.L (Tensor Fasciae Latae). Internal Hip Rotator & Abduction.
TFL Self Test - Do You Have Short T.F.L.? A precursor to Athletic Injury.

Psoas - Hip Flexors Muscles Ilio-psoas Muscle
Quadriceps Muscle, Standing & Laying
Hip Mobilization - Beginner to Advanced
Hip Stretch - Advanced Yoga Position
Hamstrings Muscles Stretching While Minimizing Stress on the Posterior Knee.
Adductors - Inner Thigh beginner stretch
Calf - Lower Leg - Achilles Tendon - gastrocnemius muscle.

Abdominal Exercise, Standing Stomach Toning While Avoiding Low Back Pain.
Abdominal Oblique Exercise, Advanced
Ankle Sprain Treatment - For a Quicker Recovery: Ice-Support-Mobilization Protocol.
Gluteal Buttocks Exercise, Sitting Watch a Movie and Exercise at the Same lime.
Gluteus-Medius Muscle Strength Self Test (at the bottom of the page)
Reducing Ear Infections? Is this an answer?
Bronchitis? Help Your Body Recover Faster or Maybe Overt a Need for Antibiotics.

Sex Without Low Back Pain links to useful sites
Travel With Your Personal Chiropractor - Catering to Dignitaries,
Athletes, Celebrities and CEO’s.

Practice Builders:
Communication Styles Table - Categories by Types, Motivators, Distracters.
Medical History Taking, Fast & Complete, Good Penmanship Not Required.
  Spanish Medical History Taking English & Bold Spanish on the same page.
X-Ray Page:
  Protocol - 17 Reasons for Who gets X-Rays.
  Spondylolisthesis - Labeled Oblique Lumbar Vertebra Anatomy Graphic.
  Report Form - Thorough & Fast for the Doctor, Slower for the Typist.
  Online Tutorials Links
SOAP - Chart Notes; Concept and 3 Examples, Fast, Good Penmanship Not Required.
Stress Reducers - 22 Practical Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Life.
New Patient Script - Effective, Ethical for Bringing in New Patients.
Narrative Report, Out dated Ratable Final Medical-Legal Report.
Misc. Advice: Minimizing Ear Infections
                      Bronchitis, Speed Up The Recovery
                      The Palmer Method?
                      Dealing with: Med-Legal-Attorney-Lien.
R.O.F. Report of Findings Outline.
Nutrition 102, Good fats Vs. Bad Fats.
Activator Adjusting Positions for the beginning chiropractor
70 Doctors Endorsing Dieter Professional References
Mission Statement For Chriopractic
Resume - C/V For Dieter - License Verifications For All of California.
Personal - Interest, Photographs I have Taken, Observations.
Discount Travel Resource for Discount Vacations, Chiropractic & Misc. time Saving Resources.
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