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me and my office Morro Bay, and the Rock (what is left of it)

Truth / Philosophy / Observations / Epiphanies & Cocktail Trivia 

- long or short, we all get a turn on this earth, then our "earth suits" wear out.

- "If I knew I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself."
Eubie Blake (1883-1983), ragtime composer and pianist, on his 100th birthday..... (& Mickey Mantle)
  • - she was right, i think, "smiles are just hugs from a distance."
  • - heaven:  the return to innocence.
  • - "poverty is the fear of not getting,  having or keeping." j. g.
  • - whatever you give the mind and body (beneficial or detrimental), the mind and body will develop an appetite for.
  • - there is a parallel between the human body and the universe in that we will never exhaust all there is to know about either.
  • - as different are our features are on the outside so are we on the inside".
  • -remember this: concerning the law of physics: there is no compromise and no negotiations accepted (breach them & payment is usually required immediately). Repeat after me bikers: "rubber side down, shinny side up, rubber side down......"
  • - i'm thinking that death is just another birthing process.
  • -- i'm calling this the "Happy Female Reflex": simply, when women are very happy, their feet are moving, they just cannot help it.
  • My Motorcycle - Zoom Zoom, I have never jumped out of a plane or plan to get a bungee whiplash, but carving up the California coast highway through the big sur redwood, well, a religious experience. (repeated for emphasis) but remember this: concerning the law of physics: there is no compromise and no negotiations accepted (breach them & payment is usually required immediately). Repeat after me: "rubber side down, rubber side down, rubber side down......"
  • To My Twin Brother - Cheers
    To Striker: Never Go Faster Than Your Guardian Angel.
    Photography - my pictures.
                            wine taisting with family.........
  • my life's greatest accomplishment: my son
  • Passion: something or someone in which you would die for.....everything else is just varying degrees of enthusiasm.
  • Old: never admit it until your child has to write out instructions on how you should go to the bathroom and the last two steps would be 1. zip up & 2. repeat after me......
  • Weight lifting - (I have a wash-board stomach on lay-away, gotta go make a payment.)
  • Hiking -California central coast, New Zealand, Australia.
  • A tribute to my dad, john m. dieter
  • Equal Rights for Unborn Women - keith green ministres
  • Equal Rights For Unborn Women


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