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Easy New Muscle Stretching & Exercises Pictured For the Neck, Upper-Mid-Low Back, Hips, Thighs & Buttocks, Arms-Forearms, Ab's, Sex & Lower Back Pain

caution symble How to Stretch Your Muscles
The Safest & Most Efficient Way to Stretch, is to Warm Up First!!
Do Not Do Any of These Muscle Stretches Without Reading About Them First! The Internet Should Never be a Substitute for an In Person Consultation with a Trained Licensed Health Care Professional. IF YOU FEEL ANY PAIN WHILE DOING ANY STRETCH, BACK OFF ! IN STRETCHING ANY MUSCLE, TAKE THE MUSCLE TO END-RANGE (when you start to feel a pull) AND HOLD IT THERE FOR 20-30 SECONDS. So If You Have A Yoga Background, You Are Amused At The Previous Line, You Would Probably Say More Like 5 Minutes.

California Chiropractic Vacation Relief, Dr. Lawrence Dieter, D.C., “ It is Not How Hard You Stretch, at is How Often You Stretch.” If you have any questions log on to the Men's Health Forum or Worldfitness.com Forum or Men's Health Sports Injury Treatment Center or Doing the Splits or Read Here! Dr. Klein's "ABC's of the body" book .(drbackman.com chiropractic, dr. dieter, are not affiliated with or responsible for the information found on these links.)

Statue of David, back view, Stretching Areas Numbered Statue of David, front view, Stretching Areas NumberedStretching Pictured:
1.  Piriformis Muscle, Sitting, Traditional Supine. A Strategic Deep Hip/Buttocks Muscle, in That It Lies Next To The Sciatic Nerve. Piriformis Muscle / Sciatic Nerve Relationship Graphic.
2.  Piriformis Muscle, Standing Stretch
3.  Neck (Cervical Spine). A 2 minute Vacation from Your Computer.
4.  Chest - Pectorals Muscle Stretching
5.  Rhomboid Muscle - A Hard to get Area Between the Shoulder Blades (Scapula).
6.  Arm - Forearm - Forearm Extensor Muscles
7.  Lower Trapezus Muscles Stretch for Below the Shoulder-Blade/Scapula.
8.  Triceps - Latisimus Dorsi Muscle Stretching Effecting the Posterior Arm & Inferior Shoulder Joint
9.  Self Traction: Low Back - Lumbar Spine Careful With this One, It Is Ten Times More Powerful than it Looks.
10. IT Band, Ilio-Tibial Band, (the Lateral Thigh).T.F.L (Tensor Fasciae Latae). External Hip Rotator
11. TFL Self Test - Do You Have Short T.F.L.? A precursor to Athletic Injury.

12. Psoas - Hip Flexors Muscles Ilio-psoas Muscle
13. Quadriceps Muscle, Standing & Laying
14. Hip Mobilization - Beginner to Advanced
15. Hip Stretch - Advanced Yoga Position
16. Hamstrings Muscles Stretching While Minimizing Stress on the Posterior Knee.
17. Adductors - Inner Thigh beginner stretch
18. Calf - Lower Leg - Achilles Tendon - gastrocnemius muscle.

Exercises Pictured:
19. Abs/Abdominal/ Stomach Exercise, Standing Stomach Toning While Avoiding Low Back Pain.
20. Abdominal Oblique Muscle Exercise, Advanced
21. Ankle Sprain Treatment - For a Quicker Recovery: Support-Ice-Mobilization Protocol.
22. Gluteal Buttocks Muscle Exercise, Sitting .This is my favorite while watching a movie.
23. Gluteus-Medius Muscle Strength Self Test (at the bottom of the page)
24. Sex & Low Back Pain Links to Drawings Which Illustrate Positions to Minimize Low Back Pain During Intercourse.
25. Reducing Ear Infections? Is this the answer?
26. Bronchitis? Three Tools for a Faster Recovery.

“In 2002, according to a Self Magazine study of 200 large metropolitan areas, the San Luis Obispo,-Atascadero-Paso Robles area was named the 12th healthiest place for women to live in the United States. The study included factors like body-mass index, air and water quality, smoking rates, sexually transmitted disease statistics and exercise frequency.” Mustang Daily, California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo,, Ca Newspaper

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