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Missy Anderson-Fritch; Certified Massage Practitioner & Wellness Consultant
1171 Toro St, Suite C1, San Luis Obispo
located in DrBackman.com Chiropractic Health Center
(behind bank of america on toro st. between marsh and higuera)

"get ready for one of the most amazing deep tissue experiences in the world of massage;
all without the soreness of other massage techniques."
dr. dieter

Massage San Luis Obispo Deep Tissue Sports Oriental Bar Massage MissyOriental Bar Massage San Luis Obispo SLO Cal Poly Sports

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork:

Sports Massage
Ashiatsu Oriental bar massage
Deep Tissue

Therapeutic Stretching
Trigger Point

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Missy Anderson-Fritch CMT

To schedule an appointment with Missy please call directly at 805.610.7403


oriental bar massage by missy san luis obispo deep tissure.oriental bar massage by  standing above the client massageing using  the masuse feet.
60 Minute $70

90 Minute $100

120 Minute $140

Massage Packages

Purchase 5 or more sessions receive 5% off




Conflict Resolution Class:

30 Minutes $50/session for the couple

Conflict Resolution Classes:

Ask yourself this question…

How long can I be mad at my significant other with they are massaging my feet?

The answer usually is not very long.  Learning how to massage your partner’s feet, hands, and shoulders can be a very useful tool for defusing arguments, creating emotional intimacy, and stress relief. When couples are showing affection and relieving tension they can communicate with less hostility or negative emotions. This class is designed to help couples learn techniques to relieve stress in the muscles and their relationship.

Lean how to connect with your mate in a relaxed, caring, tactile way.  Learn to let your guard down and be a giver and receiver in the relationship. This is a class which does not offer relationship advice, simply the techniques to providing a most effective foot massage. This 30 minute investment into your relationship will cover the different types of strokes, body mechanics, trigger points, acupressure techniques and a variety of Swedish style techniques.