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Is Pain Stopping You From Doing the Things You Love to Do ?? These People Took Control of their Own Health.

Let Us Help You Improve Your Quality of Health & Life; Sports Injury Recovery, Strength, Flexibility & Energy; Auto Accident Neck & Back Pain Rehabilitation/Relief; Head Ache Release; Shoulder Evaluation & Freedom Work Injury Recovery, Return to Work Quickly!!!!!!! The Natural Pain Management, Thrive Without Fear.

Our Goal is to Improve Your Quality of Life !

" I never know how vital chiropractic care would be to my active musical career until i made the first appointment--I was surprised!  I also didn't realize that practicing , rehearsing and performing on the bassoon for hours on end each day can be an entirely different stress on the body not unlike playing a sport.  I learned what was happening to my entire body--not just my spine and neck--and Dr. Dieter not only reversed the damage but also targeted the cause of the problem.  Now, I have the knowledge as well as the stretches to make sure I'm still giving the gift of music for many years to come.  I really did take control of my health and thanks to you Dr. Dieter, you really did improve my quality of life!"

many thanks,
Steve B.
Music Undergraduate; Bassoon, Aurora Wind Quintet; Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

"Only four adjustments on my neck has produced remarkable painless freedom of movement.  I can't wait to see what the future treatments will produce.  I really can turn my head again! "
neil m.

"Dr Dieter helped me stay in top form during the racing seasons with my regular
Steve chiropractic patient san luis obispo, cachiropractic visits and stretching exercises. When I got injured, Dr Dieter
helped my body recover faster so I could get ready for upcoming races. I
have known Dr Dieter for more than 16 [??] years and highly recommend him to
anyone seeking chiropractic help."   Steve A.

Kimberly Watson Realtor assoc. "The accident appears now in my minds-eye in slow motion. The oncoming car failed to stay in it's lane and the drunken driver slammed into my rear quarter panel although I attempted to swerve out of his way. Within days Lawrence started a gentle traction regimen followed by chiropractic therapy on my neck and back. I believe he prevented the trauma from becoming worse and reversed the damage that had been caused by the accident. His attention and care was crucial to my full recovery and I would recommend Dieter to everyone. Thanks LD for all you do! "
Kimberly Watson
Realtor - Associate
Prudential Hunter Realty
Los Osos, CA

Improve Your Quality of Life !

jennifer san luis obispo, ca chiropractic patient"i had been only able to take baby steps for two years due to a car accident years ago along with lingering difficulties. dr. dieter was covering for my chiropractor in sacramento, ca where he treated me for those two weeks. After a couple of adjustments to my pelvis and hips and also doing the stretches he showed me and on the third treatment i was so excited to be able to take a normal step. i was showing off to everybody i knew."
gratefully, jennifer


"I came in to Dr. Dieter's office at the age of 26 with chronic strains of several key muscles in my legs. I was missing out on many activities, namely bike riding, soccer, volleyball and surfing. several months into I had shown positive results which i attribute to not only Dr. Dieter's chiropractic care, but also his advice and knowledge regarding human biology and medical science.  This past week end i enjoyed playing in a soccer tournament of 4 games in one day and have had over a month without any hip discomfort. Absolutely Remarkable! "
brian g.

cheers terry,  chiro patient

"cheers! to you, i knew lawrence aka Dr. Dieter back when he had hair on his head and before he became a chiropractor. back when we were working at ITT Cannon Electric in the early 80's. so fast forward to a work injury, a low back pain which did not change much even after many treatments at the physical therapist...... so Lawrence was able to diagnosis my low back pain as a moderate disc injury in my low back and i am so much better after his treatments and can play with my son, do almost anything now.  cheers to you l.d."  
terry s.

Dear Dr. Backman:
"you have a wonderful web site that introduced me to many new stretches. I wish i were closer as i would come see you but i live in Hawaii."

thank you,
Gary E.